October 22, 2023- Guy Thouin and Ensemble Infini + NPNP Trio

Venue: Église Saint Pierre Claver (2000 St Joseph Blvd E, Montreal, Montreal, Quebec H2H 1E4) Date: October 22, 2023 Doors: 6:00 PM Music: 7:00 PM

Tickets: $25.00 in advance / $25 at the door
Advance Tickets: https://thepointofsale.com/tickets/czz230912001

Co-presented with Mardi Spaghetti and Hiatus

A founding member of the Quatuor du jazz libre du Québec, a member of L’Infonie, a musician with L’Osstidcho — Guy Thouin is a living legend of Quebecois free jazz and counterculture. And, in his eighties, he has become the beating heart of an underground music scene. For the past twenty years, Thouinhas been welcoming young musicians into his home for jam sessions, the best of which can be found on the Internet under the title From the Basement. Several projects have emerged from these educational experiences, the most meaningful one being the HeArt Ensemble. The dynamism of the youngsters that revolve around him convinced Thouin to put together an ad hoc band for an outdoor performance in downtown Montreal, in September 2022, presented alongside a public viewing of a restored version of the film L’Infonie inachevée. The reception was so enthusiastic that Thouin officialized the group into a multigenerational ten-piece called L’Ensemble Infini and is now working on new dynamic avant-jazz pieces that leave room for a healthy dose of improvisation.

Since 2018 Jackson Darby has been performing and recording electronic compositions under the NPNP moniker. Looking to expand upon his solo work Darby sought out multi-instrumentalists Evelyn Charlotte-Joe and James Goddard to form NPNP Trio. The trio uses Darby’s modular-synth work as a basis for collaborative aleatoric compositions – their work incorporates elements of jazz, musique concrete, and electronic dance music as well as the theoretical, spiritual and political concerns of the participants to create a frenetic polyphony. Fundamentally NPNP Trio is a project born out of close-listening and radical openness to follow the music.