Tom-Tom: An Epic of Music and the Negro

An Opera by Shirley Graham Du Bois (1932)

Produced by AIM

Julie Richard, Artistic Director

A video production

To Be Premiered June, 2023

Perhaps the first opera ever written by a Black women, Tom-Tom had faded into the mists of time until the rediscovery of the score in 2001.  In what will be the first Canadian production of Tom-Tom, this monumental and important work, moving from Africa to a slave plantation to Harlem in the 1920’s, is now ready to take its proper place as both an important piece of music, and a touchstone in the history of Black American creativity.  Under the artistic direction of Julie Richard, a Haitian-Canadian composer, musician and historian of Black women composers, Tom-Tom receives a new and reimagined staging, bringing it into dialogue with contemporary aspect of the Black experience, and revealing its distinctive artistic qualities.  Featuring a choir, dancers, musicians and lead singers, this video production will attract wide attention and should be of interest to a broad spectrum of audiences.